Vol. 1: Trespass

The term ‘lunch’ is an informal derivation of the word luncheon. The colloquialism of the term coupled with some “talk of you and me” speaks to the core intention of this collection. lunch is inspired by chance; by chance discussions that grow from a meal in a shared setting and by chance discussions that alter or challenge views of the space and place we inhabit. lunch provides for the meeting of diverse voices in common place tended by a casual atmosphere. To lunch suggests an escape from the day’s work; perhaps even a break.

Intrepid thoughts, influential experiments, and accomplished works race through our place of practice. How often is such work limited by insular conversation and isolatedpresentation? As a reaction to these limits, we present the first volume of lunch; trespass. The works collected in this inaugural issue mix a range of studies, conversations, drawings, statements, and stories that together aspire to reflect an experience of the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

As Peter Waldman suggests in his essay Lunch in America, the concept of lunch is a construction of culture and of time. Here in the shadow of Jefferson’s convictions where dishes often lie on a terraced lawn, we publish lunch hoping its contents bring far away sites and distinct lines of inspiration to a common table.

Kevin Bell
Matthew Ibarra
Ryan Moody