Vol. 7: Conversations

Lunch began as a student-initiated journal demonstrating the quality and range of work within the School of Architecture and beyond. The title of “lunch” refers to the notion of informal exchanges between students and faculty around a meal. In this seventh issue, we return to the original concept of conversation as a generative tool for creating the journal — encouraging debate and interaction among professionals, academics, and students.

The word “conversation” once referred to a person’s manner of being in a place, a person’s method of interacting with persons and things. Only later did the word narrow to reflect, specifically, the exchange of words. We believe design is a continued conversation with the world in this broadest sense.

Lunch 7 encompasses design projects, transcribed conversations, and essays from all disciplines within the School of Architecture. We curated unexpected juxtapositions and overlaps between selected pieces, finding they gain strength through comparison and interaction. We hope that Lunch supports the School of Architecture in its broad scope and diversity of approaches.

Nate Burgess
Jack Cochran
Joey Hays
Nicole Keroack