Vol. 3: Territory

Territory is strategic and scalable. It is the prompt for and the ground upon which to anchor the work we present in this volume. We invoke the relationship between territory and its root, terra, to emphasize how these projects are about places; they make design an act of responding to and revealing sites.

Rather than be defined by explicit border lines, territories are identified from within. This openness to overlap and hybridization nurtures ongoing discussions we find in our work about boundaries, both conceptually and spatially. In this body of work, we dwell within edge conditions as territories in their own right, exploring these at the scale of the body, the house, or a vast national border zone. We approach the city, enlisting productive landscape systems as generators of public space. We re-imagine water infrastructure as a way of interlocking ecological and cultural imperatives. The work included, we hope, begins to map the province of expertise engendered by the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

Shanti Fjord Levy
David Malda