Vol. 5: Flux

Flux connotes change, temporality, instability, flow, uncertainty, and renewal. In this fifth volume of lunch, we explore the ways in which designers respond to conditions of flux, be they social, environmental, economic, or political. We celebrate and engage the dynamism of natural and cultural systems as they influence urban, public, infrastructural and material investigations. We recognize the need to amplify, engage, or temper flux, as it is not what we design, but the state in which we design.

lunch represents a larger dialogue within and between the disciplines of architecture, architectural history, landscape architecture, and urban and environmental planning. As a school, our multidisciplinary approach reflects a desire to understand and harness the potential of constant change. We seek to challenge stagnant modes of thought, to create new models that are adaptive and agile, and to permit our own conceptions of design, culture and environment to shift, settle, and shift again.

Jenny Jones
Suzanne Mathew
Renee Pean